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IZA Africa is the African arm of the International Zinc Association (IZA). With the Sub-Saharan Africa zinc market showing unprecedented growth, IZA Africa is perfectly positioned to assist with market development interventions to ensure that the zinc value adding industry takes its rightful place in the continent. IZA Africa acts as a focus for the industry in Africa providing a platform for industry discussion with governments, their institutions and other stakeholders.

IZA Africa provides your one stop link to everything on zinc.

What’s the Latest?

IZAA Annual Report - 2017

Read the 2017 Annual Report for highlights, plans for the upcoming year, and other important details.

Zinc Coated Thread Generates Electricity

Researchers in the U.S. have invented a yarn that can generate electricity simply by being bent or twisted. Clothes made from the fabric could generate enough electricity to power a mobile phone or iPod, the scientists say. Zhong Ling Wang and colleagues at the Atlanta Institute…

Zinc Stabilizes Cyclic Organics

UK chemists have developed reagents that can metallate cyclic ethers and ethene at room temperature without them disintegrating. Using combinations of zinc and alkali metals the team made stable, crystalline complexes with carbon-zinc bonds that can then be used in further reactions.

Zinc's Role in Treating Depression

It’s well known that zinc is critical to the healthy operation of the human immune system — put simply, the base metal allows the body to respond properly to infectious diseases. However, an article published recently in Biological Psychiatry suggests that zinc may also be useful in treating depression…

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