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Upcoming Events – Workshops and Seminars

Zinc Metal Round Table

November 8-9, 2018

Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Join IZA’s 2nd Zinc Metal Roundtable to explore zinc metal supply dynamics for 2019 as well as new market trends. The event will focus on the metal markets & downstream users. For more information and registration details, click here.

Past Events – Workshops and Seminars

AfriCorr 2018 – African Corrosion Congress (18-20 July 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa) was hosted by the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa in association with NACE International. The African Corrosion Congress provided a forum for African and International researchers and industrial practitioners in the field of corrosion to explore African corrosion challenges and develop African Solutions for African Challenges. It provided a platform for interested parties to share, discuss and learn from each other on combating corrosion throughout the continent. There were exhibitions on various types of corrosion protection coatings including hot dip galvanizing and zinc thermal spray.

Some of the interesting papers presented at the Congress:

  • Temporary coatings for in process or storage applications
  • Galvanized Autobody Partnership: Recent results corrosion performance of advanced galvanized sheet steels
  • Modelling electrochemical mechanisms of carbon steel buried in unsaturated artificial soil in the presence of cathodic protection
  • The electrochemistry and the prediction of stress-corrosion cracking
  • Atmospheric corrosion maps of South Africa and the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Area.


Awareness on zinc thermal spray applications (12th July 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa): A technical presentation on zinc metal spray was presented by Weartech (Pty) Ltd to over 30 corrosion experts at the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa. The presentation highlighted the latest technologies in zinc thermal spray and its benefits in repairing of galvanized steel work and in corrosion protection of large steel structures. In Africa, zinc thermal is gaining traction in the corrosion protection of bridges, pipelines, oil tanks, gas cylinders and electrical boxes. There is potential for zinc thermal spray in some parts of Africa where there is lack of hot dip galvanizing facilities

IZA Zinc Fertilizer Programme Proves the Importance of Zinc in Malawi

The United Nations Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) project has proven the importance of adding zinc to fertilizers in terms of maize crop yields in Malawi. The program started at the beginning of the 2011/2012 growing season and rural farmers are now convinced of the benefits of zinc additions in terms of overall yield and the size of the cobs. The project was coordinated by the Chitedze Agricultural Research Station under the guidance of the Director of Agricultural Research services, Dr. Wilkson Makumbe. The results of the study were presented at a conclusion workshop attended by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, government agronomists and other interested parties. Malawi now has a zinc containing fertilizer as part of its overall fertilizer subsidy program.

New Business Development Important for Zinc Market

IZAA has worked for over a decade with key stakeholders in new business development. The establishment of the Base Metals Incubator ‘Lepharo’ in 2006 has enabled the realisation of the goals of supporting new business development in base metals. IZAA was instrumental in the early feasibility studies and Lepharo is now supported by the South African Department of Trade and Industry and importantly, by a growing number of large industrial companies. Fully operational since 2010, Lepharo, as a non-profit organisation provides for SMME business support and mentorship across a wide range of disciplines. For further information visit

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